Standard Form Ritual


1a. After purifying yourself and covering your head, light the fire.

“I welcome You to my hearth, O Þaibons, Immaculate One, Mother of the Sacred Flame.”

1b. Circumambulate the sacred space with fire, if necessary.

“Your fire cleanses and sanctifies. It burns away impurities, leaving only that which is hale and whole, fit for the presence of the Gods. Your fire is the gateway. By its power, we pass from the profane into the realm of the sacred.”

1c. Present your offerings to Þaibon and ask for Her blessing. Give a small offering to Her in thanks.

“Great Goddess, I present to You these offerings of <item(s)>, my gifts for the eternal Gods. May You find them suitable and bless them. To show my gratitude, I willingly and gladly give You this offering of <item>.”


2. Greet the main God(s) being honored during the ritual.

“I welcome You to my hearth, O <God’s name>, <epithets>.”

3. Explain why you are giving the offering. Make any requests, petitions, or expressions of gratitude. At the end, say the following:

“Please accept this offering of <item(s)>, which I willingly and gladly give to You.”

4. Give the offering.


5. End the ritual with thanks to Þaibons.

“The ritual has ended. I thank You, O Þaibons, for presiding over it today. I thank all the Gods and Goddesses petitioned today. By Your will, may my prayers become manifest.”